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    GABA Tea for Reducing High Blood Pressure, Provide Sleep Aid, Low Caffeine, and Improve Digesting System

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What Others Say About Our Tea!

  • I decided to try this tea because I am from Taiwan as well. The white package looks and feels good. It printed “Heavy Roast” but it should be “ Dark Roast”. Very clear instruction of how to make the tea. It claims that you can steep 6 plus times but did not specify the volume of water used. For example I try to steep it but the flavor and color went down significantly by the 3rd times. I use a 16 oz cup so if they refer to a 8 oz cup I guess the 6 times is achievable. Very dark and almost red wine-ish color of the first cup. Tannin is barely noticed but the distinguished oolong aroma and flavor are very both strong and pleasant. The tea leaf did not expand fully afterward. I guess it is because of the roasting process. Overall it is very high quality tea and definitely will purchase it again.

    Janet S.

  • Got this tea for the health benefits, but pleasantly surprised how good it tastes. It was fragrant when the vacuum bag was opened. And I was expecting a bitter taste, but it was not bitter at all.

    Libo J.

  • Highly recommend! If you love Oolong tea, this is one of the best oolong tea i've ever had! I usually don't drink too much tea because I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep, but I actually was able to sleep better when I drink this tea before I sleep! Super soothing and calming. Love it!

    Amazon Customer