Ruby 18 Loose Leaf Black Tea

When looking to enjoy a rich and satisfying tea blend, Ruby 18 Black Tea makes a tremendous starting point for so many reasons. It has become a tea that many people find is their perfect blend of richness in taste, diversity in aroma and consistency in making each day look, smell and taste a little bit better.

It’s a very special tea, made from a mix of the Assam plant and the Formsosan tea plant. This wonderful hybrid works to make a wonderfully dark tea that makes it nice and simple to drink slowly, drinking in every last drop and basking in the richness and depth of its taste.

As one of the most popular black teas in Taiwan, this is the kind of invigorating drink that can leave a lasting sense of positivity and energy within body, mind, soul and spirit. If you are looking for a tea to enjoy that comes with a lasting sense of depth and consistency in the taste, this makes a fine place to satisfy your tea cravings.

A great pairing for working with a dessert or after a meal, the richness of the taste ensures it’s a tea blend that you can easily savor. The sweetness and chocolate-like nature of the taste makes sure this is one that can linger in the mouth and deliver a very enjoyable experience in terms of the richness and strength of taste.

If you are looking for a new tea blend to try out that comes with ample helpings of charisma and personality, then this might just be the perfect place for you to start. It’s an exemplary tea blend for anyone who likes a more engrossing and engaging tea drink overall.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy something totally different that, steeped properly, delivers fruity sweetness in abundance.