Jin Xuan Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

Are you looking to buy Oolong tea online? Then you’ll find that our fantastic blend of Jinx Xuan Loose Leaf Oolong Tea makes a fine starting point. Added together with a rich blend of flavors, this 1980s blend of tea offers something totally different to your standard selections.

This form of tea carries a deep, enriching sense of taste that makes it easy to enjoy in just about any experience. With a light, floral taste to it this form of tea can be the perfect way to expand your horizons and try out something totally different. As one of the most popular forms of tea on the market in Taiwan and Thailand, it’s a fine way to help sample the rich taste of Thai and Taiwanese culture.

With an almost silky texture to it, this form of tea can be a massive departure from the normal teas that you might have tried in the past. It helps to add a variety to the kind of tea that you drink, allowing you to be a bit more ambitious with your tea choices.

When you buy Oolong tea online, it helps to buy from a professional dealership. At TeaMalchi, we make it very easy for you to enjoy a richer blend of teas such as this famous Jin Xuan blend of tea. If you prefer your warm beverages to be more charming and less harsh in terms of taste, this makes a good starting point.

So, pick up this fantastic blend of tea and treat yourself to something a little different. A major delicacy in Asia, the next time you wish to buy Oolong tea online you should look to expand your horizons a little!

Try out this tea for something a touch milder compared to some more significantly strong blends.  

About Jin Xuan:

Jin Xuan also knows as Golden Daylily is a 1980 developed variety of Oolong tea. Jin Xuan is a cross between Ying Zhi Hong Xin and TTSE #8. This varietal is also suitable for green and black tea.

Jin Xuan is also known as #12 or as "Milk Oolong" (Nai Xiang). It originates from Taiwan. The taste is light and flowery and sometimes referred to milk. This tea variety can be grown at higher attitudes and the yield is about 20% higher compared to traditional tea varieties. These circumstances made it become one of the most popular varieties among tea farmers in Taiwan and Thailand. The widely advertised milky flavor of Jin Xuan is not natural but is added by aromatization. Reputable dealers usually declare whether it is a natural or flavored oolong. A flavored Jin Xuan can be recognized before the tea is steeped. The added flavors mask the natural tea flavor significantly.

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