Onyx GABA Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

  • Roasted Level: Light
  • GABA Count: 179mg/100g

If you are looking for a light, minty-fresh tea, then Loose Leaf Oolong Tea is the perfect pick for you. This impressive and stylish form of tea gives you all the help that you need to enjoy a different form of tea to the norm; refreshing and excellent to complement any kind of meal that you wish.

The woody aroma of this form of tea is the kind of enjoyable experience that makes Loose Leaf Oolong Tea such a popular choice. Oxidized for the best possible flavor, this helps to deliver a kind of tea that’s easy to enjoy post-meal. It’s known for that rich, delicate and almost soft flavor that lingers in the mouth. It will help to give your taste buds an enjoyable experience, delivering a fascinating blend of taste and precision.

Its stunning aroma helps to fill the room with a minty freshness, too. The end result is a blend of tea that helps to soothe both rooms, setting, and soul in equal measure. Give yourself all the help that you need to wash down your meal with this tremendous, almost woody tea.

If you are looking for a tea that’s eloquent and easy to serve in just about any environment or activity, go for Loose Leaf Oolong Tea. Life is all about experimentation, and something as rich and as easy to enjoy as Loose Leaf Oolong Tea should be something that you look to enjoy as often as you can!

It’s the kind of tea that delivers a much more satisfying drink. When you like your teas to leave a lasting taste that simmers in the mouth, start with our Loose Leaf Oolong Tea blend. We’re sure that you’ll find it to be the perfect mixture of depth, detail, and minty freshness.

Some teas just simply suit a more specific kind of experience. From enjoying post-dinner to relaxing with at night, Loose Leaf Oolong Tea works just right. 

NOTE: Although some of our tea stated it contains a low level of caffeine and they are safe for consumption to the general public, however, we strongly suggest our customers keep at a moderate consumption.  If any customer has a special medical condition or showing a history of any type of allergic reactions, please be aware and consult a medical professional prior to using our products.


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