Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

When looking at a new brand of tea to try out, the rich and satisfying blend of Si Ji Chun Tea is a fine starting point. This engaging form of tea is one that comes with a very rich, lightly roasted style that makes it very easy to enjoy indeed. It’s rich, green texture stands out like no other and makes sure you know that you are drinking a tea that feels fantastic in the mouth and truly delivers a satisfying taste experience.

The complex and varied aroma makes it hard for you to pinpoint, too. The enticing and gratifying scents that it gives off makes this a tea to savor over the best part of an hour. Giving you a rich and enticing smell, it’s one that can be chased by the senses and deliver a tea that is as delightful to touch, smell and see as it is to taste.

It’s the rich blend of smell, alongside that almost amber-like style, that makes it a very popular choice of tea. Si Ji Chun Tea is often revered down to the fact it comes with such a rich, clean and classically enjoyable taste. That rich, stone-fruit style taste is very clean and lasts in the mouth for an exceptionally long time to come.

With around 20% oxidization, too, it’s a form of tea that might suit others who prefer something with only a fifth of the oxidization possible. That classic Taiwanese Jade taste lingers in the mouth, making this tea the most wonderfully perfect solution for a post-meal drink.

Wash away the taste of your meal with the overpowering and nutritious depth of Si Ji Chun Tea. This rich blend is one of the most popular in Asia, and stands out as a tea for all seasons.


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