Diamond GABA Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

  • Roasted Level: Medium
  • GABA Count: 175mg/100g

For those who enjoy a more creative and charismatic form of tea, Diamond GABA Oolong Tea may be your ideal companion. This tremendous and engaging solution offers a very warm, rich and sweet taste for an oolong tea. The medium-roasted nature of Diamond Oolong Tea allows for it to give you all the help that you need to really enjoy something different.

It’s got a rich, sweet blend of different flavors, aromas and textures in there. For those who appreciate the power of variety, diamond oolong tea can offer you a much more satisfying and resolutely enjoyable drinking experience moving forward.

Sometimes, it can be good to change it up a touch and try out something different. Diamond Oolong Tea makes the ideal starting point, with a fine blend of different tastes in there to really help change it up.

Some might like the sweetness to that of a ripe apricot, but some also find it can have an almost raisin-like scent to it. Simply adjust steeping time and water temperature and you can create a much more significant and satisfying blend of tea to be enjoyed.

With a very rich taste to it each and every time, Diamond Oolong Tea is an exceptionally enjoyable experience. For those who find that they are in need of some variety in their tea, then this exciting blend is very much worth your time.

Thanks to the high levels of GABA amino acids within the tea, too, this is a strong drink for detoxification and for assisting with issues like hypertension. Alongside improved collagen production and combat the signs of aging, our Diamond Oolong Tea packs a real nutritional punch!

Since this uses a specific nitrogen process instead of oxygen, it’s a far more powerful and effective blend of tea that’s perfect for variety.

NOTE: Although some of our tea stated it contains a low level of caffeine and they are safe for consumption to the general public, however, we strongly suggest our customers keep at a moderate consumption.  If any customer has a special medical condition or showing a history of any type of allergic reactions, please be aware and consult a medical professional prior to using our products.


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