Emerald GABA Loose Leaf Green Tea

  • Roasted Level: Light
  • GABA Count: 221mg/100g

GABA Green Tea is a very different blend of tea, at least in comparison to what most of us expect from tea. Having undergone a unique fermentation process free of oxygen, this creates a very different blend of tea. This form of tea is hugely popular in Japan, where the idea was formulated by Dr. Tsushida.

You might also know GABA Green Tea as simply Gabaron or Jia Wu Long cha, but it’s all the same. It’s a form of tea that has undergone a totally different experience during the fermentation process. It’s been around since the mid-80s and is a hugely popular part of the tea industry today.

The main benefit of GABA Green Tea is the fact that it’s very low in caffeine. While we do preach the importance of moderate consumption (see below) you will find that our GABA Green Tea solutions offer a soothing, different drink entirely to normal tea. This is because instead of being fermented in oxygen, they are fermented in nitrogen.

Many people like this tea as it’s become a common companion for those suffering from hypertension. It helps to reduce blood pressure when drunk in moderation and can be a useful solution for those who want to enjoy a warm beverage when suffering from such conditions. As ever, consult a medical professional before consumption to check for suitability.

So, do yourself a favor and try out a different kind of tea entirely. With so many styles to pick from here, we’ll make it super-simple for you to enjoy a far more satisfying blend of tea drinks. Not everyone enjoys sticking with simplicity, so you can turn to our proven solutions for help in finding a more creative, charismatic blend of tea.

GABA Green Tea may just be the perfect addition to your collection!

NOTE: Although some of our tea stated it contains a low level of caffeine and they are safe for consumption to the general public, however, we strongly suggest our customers keep at a moderate consumption.  If any customer has a special medical condition or showing a history of any type of allergic reactions, please be aware and consult a medical professional prior to using our products.


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